FOCUS on ETHIOPIA TV (EFTV) Editorial Policy EFTV works and follows the rule of Öppna Kannalen and works for advocacy Freedom of speech, free information based on the rules and regulations depending on the host canal. ÖK (Öppna Kanalen) provides air time to FOETV in accordance with its contract. Öpen Kannalen in Stockholm is a nonprofit association channel broadcasting TV Com Hem, Telia and Sappas networks in Stockholm and Södermanland region. The channel reaches approximately 620,000 households. What is FETV = Focus Ethiopia TV Focus on Ethiopian Television (FETV) is independent media outlet and sending its program on Öppna Kannal TV in Stockholm. ÖK (Öppna Kanal) provide air time to FETV in accordance with its contract. FETV run by Advocacy for Media and Democracy in Ethiopia, a non-profit organization. EFTV working to provide Information , discussion, News and other different kind of program about Ethiopia and to promote free press, democracy, respect for human rights and the rule of law in Ethiopia. Why was EFTV established? FETV main purpose is to present accurate and balanced news, analysis and information, as well as entertainment, talk shows, documentaries, sports and cultural programming to Ethiopians, Ethiopian-Swedish and Ethiopians in Ethiopia and the rest of the world. What is the objectivs of EFTV EFTV will serve as a conduit for all to express their opinion freely, to access reliable information and to play its part in the struggle to build a democratic Ethiopia where the free flow of information is the cornerstone of a free country. Also believes that without free access to information and ideas, citizens are unable to participate meaningfully in the political system by exercising their right to vote or by taking part in the efforts to shape the process of public policy and decision making. What types of programming does FETV produce? EFTV produces News, Feature Stories, Panel Discussions, Interviews, Entertainment, Sports, Historical and Kids and Cultural Programs. In addition, there are programs on health and the environment. Every effort is made in the programming to reflect the diversity of opinions as well as embrace the plurality of Ethiopian society.


  • Ethiopian Focus Television (EFTV).
  • All programming will be controlled by the station (ÖK) and Editorial Board .


  • All equipments (audio, video) are the property of the EFTV station. Language * Amharic will be the working language.
  •  All programming will be in Amharic. However, programs in other (English or Swedish) foreign languages will also be used.
  •  EFTV will use all universally accepted terms in its programming. Code of Operation
    All programming will be authorized by the Editor-In-Chief.
  •  ÖK (Öppna Kanal) provide air time to EFTV in accordance with its contract.

General Programming

  • Regular News will be aired at specified time and should be announced to the public.
  • News broadcasts will be measured on the basis of its factual content, information, educational value, and its ability in redeeming social security to the general public.
  • Extraordinary events could be presented for their entertainment value.
  • All sources should be strictly checked for veracity.
    Documents presented as evidence should be double checked for accuracy.
  • News presented should adhere to the highest standards of quality and professionalism.

Panel Discussions

  • Discussions on issues (political, economic, social) will covering a wide spectrum of views.
  • The forum will be open to all groups provided they meet the strict requirements of engaging in civil, constructive, objective and intelligent discourse.
  • The host of the program will make every effort to give equal time to all the diverse views.
  • The rules of engagement will be clearly set by the host.
  • The host has to be well prepared and knowledgeable about the subject matter.
  • Guest hosts, provided they meet the station’s requirements can be invited to host programs.
  • The station reserves the right to repeat any programming on its merits or at the request of the public.
  • The station is not obligated to give any audio or video copies to panelists or any other third party.

The discussion is recorded Interviews

  • All interviews will be conducted in Amharic /English,Swedish when broadcasted to viewers.
  • They have to meet the station’s guidelines.
  •  The station is not obligated to offer a copy off its program, whether audios and videos to participants or any third party.
  • A deliberate confrontational or argumentative interviews to grab media attention will not be aired.
  • The station reserves the right to cut off live interviews when such incidents take place.
  • FETV hosts will address its guests as dictated by Ethiopian cultural norms (Mr/Mrs/Dr/Prof/Ato).

Entertainment Programs Music

  • FETV will broadcast music in various languages. Cultural programs will have a dedicated air time.
  • Ethiopian as well as non Ethiopian music will be strictly examined to avoid culturally or religiously offensive material.
  • The Music show will need to entertain as well as promote love, peace, harmony, encourage unity and build a strong sense of community.
  • Any music that promotes ethnic/religious/gender strife will not be broadcasted. Films/ Theatres/ Comedy Shows (cultural, historical, educational, entertainment)
  • Films shown have to be produced in Amharic , English or Swedish can be translated in Amharic or in Swedish.
  • Preference is given to films that are empowering, positive and with an overarching theme of personal and societal responsibility, good citizenship that will help build a strong community and strong country.
  • Films shown as a mini series should be inclusive with a mass appeal to attract a large audience.
  • Culturally/religiously offensive films will not be shown on FETV.
  • Movies that glorify selfishness, greed, hate and cruelty will not be shown.
  • All films produced should maintain a high standard of audio and visual quality.
  • FETV accepts documentary films produced in other languages but cannot air them unless they are translated into Amharic.
  • Any film that counteracts the overall vision and mission of the station will not be aired.
  • Documentary films that do not impart a clear message or do not have a compelling social value will not be aired.
  • Documentary films once produced become the property of FETV and the station reserves the right to give the film to the participants or any third party.

Sports Program

  • All sport programs will be broadcasted in Amharic, even if they were produced in other languages.
  • Football, track and field and other sport programs to be broadcasted should have mass appeal. FETV will not broadcast any sport events that lacks good sportsmanship.
  •  Comments or analysis of sport events has to be professional.

  •  FETV produced programs are the sole property of the station. The station reserves the right not to turn over the contents of the program to participants or any other third party.
  • The quality of programming has to maintain the highest standards of professional quality. Formal Retraction
    EFTV will take immediate action to correct errors.
  • A formal apology, verbal or written will be issued to the aggrieved party. (Individual, group or government)
  • If there is no aggrieved party, the apology will be issued to the viewers.